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This webinar is perfect for anyone with SISTERLOCKS™: itchy scalp and dry hair, slow-growing hair, new to SISTERLOCKS™, dreadlocks, and natural hair.

5 Steps You can take Right now
to soothe your scalp and hydrate your hair

...even if you wear SISTERLOCKS™ Dreadlocks Braids or Twists!


Exclusive Training By Rene' Michelle Floyd

*Get Ready To Learn Something New!
Hello!  I'm Rene' Michelle Floyd...
René Michelle Floyd is a retired certified Sisterlocks™ consultant, building her career as a successful natural hair enthusiast and hair product creator through her brand Beautiful Hair Products®.

Although René didn't have a college business degree, she knew that she was born to be an entrepreneur. When she first started her career, Rene' was a wife and mother to a large family. After going through a difficult divorce and an unexpected pregnancy, she needed to build a profitable business quickly to take care of her family. René's life was transformed and she built a successful Sisterlocks™ business that lasted 15+ years.

Before she retired a few years ago, René used her Sisterlocks™ skills and encouragement to inspire and motivate hundreds to embrace their natural hair texture by rocking Sisterlocks™!
These days, René is empowering Sisterlocks™ sisters to take control of their own natural hair journey by encouraging them to stop suffering from the itchy scalp and dry hair syndrome by letting them know that it is okay to hydrate and moisturize their hair without disturbing the locking process...even if they are new to Sisterlocks™.

René has transformed her Sisterlocks™ business into a thriving successful online store where she markets her Beautiful Hair Products® Moisturizing System full-time.

Although, she no longer installs and maintains Sisterlocks™ on others, she is passionate about teaching them how to take good care of them by using her proven Beautiful Hair Products® Moisturizing System.

"For More Than 15 Years I Enjoyed A Career As A Certified Sisterlocks™ Consultant Now I Get To Teach You How To Stop Suffering From Itchy Scalp And Dry Hair"

Want To Learn The Tips And Tricks That You Need To Know About How To Better Enjoy Your Sisterlocks™ Natural Hair Experience...? Then, register for this EXCLUSIVE FREE Webinar that will change the way you take care of your hair!

Here Are 3 SECRETS You'll Learn In This FREE Webinar
sisterlocks secret 1
Secret #1 
How It Is Perfectly Fine To Add Moisture To Your Sisterlocks Even If You've Been Told Not To
sisterlocks secret 2
Secret #2
How Much Fun It Is And How Super Simple And Easy It Is To Hydrate And Moisturize Your Hair Even If You Are New To Sisterlocks
sisterlocks secret 3
Secret #3
Why You Do Not Need To Spend 1000s Of Dollars On Hair Products To Get Your Dream Hair
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